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Applied Vision Corporation joins the Antares Vision Group
Applied Vision Corporation joins the Antares Vision Group



01 Fevereiro 2021

Applied Vision Corporation joins the Antares Vision Group

The U.S. based multinational is a world leader in machine vision systems for the Food & Beverage industry

The Antares Vision Group is continuing its strategy of consolidating its technological leadership in the control of the entire inspection process through the acquisition of the American multinational Company Applied Vision Corporation, a world leader in the inspection of metal and glass containers in the Food & Beverage sector.


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An operation carried out last December, which allows the Group to integrate in its offer the most innovative technologies and to become a reference partner of the entire supply chain for this Industry, not only in terms of product quality control, but also for packaging inspection, guaranteeing the highest quality standards and technological developments.

The acquisition of the American multinational Company Applied Vision Corporation

Applied Vision, founded by Amir and Manijeh Novini in 1997 in Akron, Ohio, USA, has been designing and developing machine vision solutions for over 20 years, based on solid optical expertise, innovative lighting techniques, electronic image capture devices combined with digital processing and artificial intelligence algorithms. The proprietary imaging technology at the base of the inspection systems, together with the high technological know-how, has allowed Applied Vision to become a world leader in the inspection of metal containers in the FoodBeverage segment, setting new quality standards in the market. Through technological leadership in the industry and the use of artificial intelligence, with the development of proprietary self-learning algorithms, Applied Vision can guarantee effective inspection on the most innovative and high-speed production lines, regardless of the complexity of the containers.


“The philosophy and synergies shared between our Companies created the perfect opportunity to allow continued growth and success of the Applied Vision legacy under the leadership of the Antares Vision team”, commented Amir Novini, President and CEO of Applied Vision.


"With this operation we consolidate our role as an aggregator of high-growth companies of excellence that have the most advanced technologies at a global level - added Emidio Zorzella, CEO of Antares Vision –. We continue our project to represent a technological hub of excellence at global level aimed at ensuring the safety of people, products and brands".


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